How Gender Fitness works:

Step 1 Onboard Gender Fitness into your organisation

Onboarding Gender Fitness couldn’t be easier. We’re there to help you with installation and resources every step of the way. And with Gender Fitness’ seamless integration into your organisation’s technology, it’ll feel like second nature in no time.

Step 2 Organise and hold meetings as you usually would

Gender Fitness will measure the gender balance of meetings automatically. It’s in sync with your calendar. It knows who organised the meeting and who was invited. This forms the first part of your score. The better the balance the higher the score.

Step 3 Attendees provide feedback

There is no point in having a gender-balanced meeting if the people who attended weren’t given the opportunity to contribute.

Gender Fitness gives the attendees of the meeting the ability to have their say if they where given the opportunity to contribute, and whether they felt that their opinion was respected. This forms the second half of your score.

Step 4 Review your score, take action and repeat

Once attendees have provided feedback, you’ll be able to review the score for your meeting, and its effect on your overall Gender Fitness score. See how you compare to the rest of the organisation and start planning what you might do differently in the next meeting.

Simple enough to be easy, powerful enough to spark change

Synced with
your Calendar

Automatically loads meetings and captures invitee data.

and secure

Your feedback isn’t connected to your name.


Works on your smartphone or desktop.

to access

Integrated with your organisation’s single sign on.

Keeps you
in the loop

Notifications let you know when your score changes.

Know where
you stand

Compare your score against the average of your organisation.

Monitor improvements
over time

Look at your progress in detail and harness the data for good.

Busy schedule?
No problems.

Available 24×7 so you can rate your meetings when it suits you.

Questions and answers

A. The data generated from the app will reside in the cloud. No personally identifiable information will ever be stored.

A. Yes – individual scores are only visible to the individual and will not be disclosed to the meeting organiser, supervisor or manager who only receives scores in the form of aggregates and averages.

A. Your feedback will still contribute to the meeting feedback score and the weighting of the gender split is distributed equally.

A. You are the only person who can view your results. Individual scores are aggregated and averaged at the supervisory, managerial and departmental level so organisations can see how they are tracking.

A. Gender Fitness will calculate a score for every eligible meeting you run. Eligible meetings include two or more people from within your organisation. For the first half of your score, Gender Fitness looks at the gender balance of meeting invitees and gives you a score out of 50 points.

The second half of your score is based on feedback provided by attendees following the meeting.

To get a perfect score of 100, you need an equal gender balance of attendees, and perfect feedback. The Gender Fitness™ score is an average of all meetings organised that meet the criteria.

A. If meeting invitees do not respond to survey questions within 14 days of the meeting, they will be marked as non-responders and will not impact your Meeting Feedback Score. Those invitees however, will still count toward the Meeting Gender Split Score.

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